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Feature Shelf

  • $75.00

This cleverly-designed easel transforms any standard shelving into high-performing promotional space. The back section pushes the books to the front of the shelf where they can be easily seen and browsed. The front lip holds them in place and prevents any falling forward. The Feature Shelf will sit at the front of any standard book shelf and the weight of the books holds them in place. This means you can move it from shelf to shelf as you like - it does not need to be attached.

You can create an area near the entrance to the library with lots of books face-out on Feature Shelves for easy and tempting choices. Or you can turn one shelf at eye-level face-out on a run of bookcases to catch attention as you move in to a new section. If you vary the position of your Feature Shelves, highlighting different titles and different areas of the library, we guarantee that your patrons will start to comment on how many new books you have! You may not have actually bought any new books at all but you will create the perception that there is something new every day.

  • Books to Go Graphic Insert and Discover Graphic Insert available separately
  • A cost-effective way to transform existing shelving
  • Provides ability to change the look of your library every day, and patrons will think you have lots of new books
  • Shelf measures 6 7/8”H x 31 5/16”W x 9 11/16”D
  • Back lip is 5 5/8” and front lip is 3 11/16”D
  • Freight charges are FOB shipping point, prepaid and added to your invoice.
  • Shipments are made via UPS, FedEx Ground, US Postal Service, or common carrier, depending on size, weight and quantity of product ordered.
  • Weight: 3.2 lbs
+  Specially designed to fit our Feature Shelf Easily inserted into the Feature Shelf Books to Go Graphic Insert for Feature Shelf

Our Feature Shelves can transform ordinary shelving into attractive face-forward displays. Why not bring that extra touch of professional design by adding the “Books to Go” graphic insert? The message will appeal to patrons who don’t have much time and want to grab and go as quickly as possible.

You can create a “Books to Go” area at the front of your library by using our high-impact floor display furniture. If you add “Books to go” headers to our Book Tables and Pods and then use Feature Shelves with these inserts on adjacent bookshelves you can create a whole new professionally branded space at a low cost.

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+  Specially designed to fit our Feature Shelf Easily inserted into the Feature Shelf Discover Graphic Insert for Feature Shelf

Our Feature Shelf creates a face-out display on any standard shelving in an instant. Insert this neat graphic into the Feature Shelf and you can bring professional design to your book displays. The magical image on the Discover graphic is will appeal to children of all ages.

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