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Performance Shelving

This is simply the best library shelving on the market! It combines everything needed for library functionality with features taken from retail to enhance the appeal to customers.

This is shelving as book Performance not book warehousing. The whole purpose is to make your books, magazines and DVDs look good. We named the system Performance not just because the materials hold up well but because this shelving system will increase the performance of your collection.

Our friendly design team can help you plan dynamic and colorful library spaces using this innovative shelving system.

We provide FREE 2D layout plans and 3D visualizations to help you fundraise, present to Management Boards and convey the excitement that is possible with a new Opening the Book library design.

  • Fully flexible modular system creates flowing, organic curves with award-winning Propeller and Arc bookcases

  • Hundreds of different configurations to suit any space

  • Retail features – L-shaped shelf tilts books up to the eye and is turned in the bookcase for small and large books

  • LED lightboxes for added impact

Performance Wall Shelving

Performance comes in three heights 48”, 60” and 72”. Performance shelving can be used to create attractive curves coming off the wall which make dramatic backdrops and bring books into the eyeline from a distance.

Performance Mid-floor Shelving

Create flowing, organic curves with our award-winning Arc and Propeller bookcases.

Performance Mobile Shelving

All our shelving shapes can be made using one and two unit Mobile Bookcases. These bookcases are fitted with heavy duty, lockable casters which make them both durable and easy to move.

Performance Shelf Types

Performance is supplied with clever L-shaped shelves which can be turned in the bookcase to hold small and large format books. You can also order special display shelves for face-out display.

Performance Lightboxes

Add an extra level of impact with our retail-style lightboxes. Fitted with LED lights to illuminate the customized graphic these will give your space a real wow-factor.

Performance Color Options

Base Colors can be specified for all parts of Performance Shelving.

Accent Colors can be specified for Top Caps and End Panels.


Clear signage to bookcases helps everyone navigate the collection to find what they want. Our system is smart and flexible to make it easy to change signs when you need to. A grooved Signage Block on top of the bookcase takes an acrylic Sign Holder into which a printed graphic is easily slipped in and out. As part of our design service, we can work with you to agree guiding for every bookcase header and lightbox graphic. Choose from a wide range of stylish designs and color options with customizable text. Or commission us to create your very own unique design.

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