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"Sherwood Branch has a much smaller collection than the Beaty Branch which is in a facility about the same size, but it outperforms that branch 3:1." -- Mark Williams, CEO of Milton Public Library

Revolutionary Library Design

Milton Public Library Sherwood Branch

The Milton Public Library located in Milton, Ontario has been an integral part of the community since 1855. It currently serves a population of more than 110,000 through three physical libraries and the MPL website. The Main Library serves the entire Town and is designed to be expanded in a future phase. The Beaty Branch serves suburban residents to the east and south. A third service point, the Sherwood Branch was developed jointly with a community centre in the Town’s west end and opened in 2019.

Mark Williams, the Chief Librarian and CEO of Milton Public Library, was familiar with Opening the Book's philosophy on library design, their furniture line, and knew that he wanted to work with them for the new Sherwood Branch Library. His goal was to appeal to the non-library user and use retail-style merchandising practices to create a unique, new library that brought in visitors from the adjoining community centre. Mark worked with Opening the Book and their dealer partner Schoolhouse Products, Inc. throughout the planning stage, bid process, design, delivery, and installation to create a remarkable new space within their community.

Rachel Van Riel, Director of Opening the Book, and Mark Williams discuss the revolutionary design of the Sherwood Branch Library and how the layout, shelving, and merchandising have increased library card holders, visitors, and circulation in the video below.  Check it out!


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